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Take me
Bob benson!
I’m yours.

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That’s how I pick up
My friends from the airport

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"Time Zones" could well be one of those "Mad Men" episodes that drives people to complain that nothing happens, but I actually think that the viewers who regularly lobbed that complaint at this drama are gone by now.

We’re down to the core fans now, those who accept that what “happens” on this show has a particular flavor, mood and style. Those “happenings” can consist of a significant look, a weighted silence or a crushing realization. Things often “happen” when the camera is focused on the back of a character’s head. This is a show that loves ambiguities, digressions and oblique angles. Not many shows could pull that off, but “Mad Men” has the kind of cast that makes watching people think and react a real pleasure most of the time.

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A for EFFORT, Vicki! 

Vicki surfing
Is life.

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He has definitely
Not just won
The hunger games
But he’s also won
My heart 😍

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This and

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When the seatmate wakes up with her head against his shoulder, she says, “If I was your wife, I know I wouldn’t like this,” making us think of every woman Don has cheated on, which I guess is every woman.” “She knows that I’m a terrible husband,” Don replies. Then he adds, “I really thought I could do it this time.” “This” could be a reference to any number of Don’s sins—it almost doesn’t matter which, though, because the key words are “this time.” Don keeps cycling and recycling through life, inventing and reinventing himself and running from himself, but he can never escape who he was, or is.
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Don and Peggy define themselves through their work all too often, and if that work is taken away from them or eroded of meaning, they’re stuck in a world where all they can think about is how little meaning life has outside of the meaning you construct for yourself. But even that meaning collapses in the face of despair or sorrow or death. Without work to give them meaning, without each other to bounce off of, what do Don and Peggy have left? Only the knowledge that they, too, will die, and that much of their lives have been hollow attempts to fill that void. 

Mad Men 7.01 Time Zones review - The AV Club (x)


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that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

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Dear Mom and Dad,

This is what happiness looks like. Sorry you were so miserable in your own lives that you couldn’t allow me a chance at my own. I went out and found it anyway. I miss you, and will miss you even more this holiday season since you won’t allow me to come back home unless I have a woman on my arm. Oh by the way, we’ll still be using the family recipe for the stuffing, I’m sure it’ll be a hit with our friends.

Happy Holidays,
Your son, his boyfriend, and our spoiled cat

this deserves a million notes omfg

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The socks
Ruined it

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